Find love this Valentine's Day #2

What’s the biggest issue lovers face?
How many times have you heard someone say their partner is their “better half” or that they “complete” them?
Is this how you feel about your current prospect or partner?
If you do, be aware: these ‘halves’ are often things you’ve not developed in your self.
While many a partner can help you grow, if you rely on them to fill what’s missing within you they might let you down at some stage – as they will also be trying to complete themselves.
Putting the responsibility for your happiness onto another person is unfair, unreasonable and it disempowers you.
As some stage you will realise that your partner doesn’t ‘complete’ you, that you need to be your true self!
Or worse still, do you try to improve your partner? To make them what you want?!
Do the two of you bargain or battle for power? Do you argue, compromise or withdraw to avoid issues. Has your relationship become a dance of one person seeking to dominate the other, one wanting to submit to the other to keep the peace, the relationship?
This is where many marriages end up. You might think this is the end of the relationship and look elsewhere for what’s missing, as in a dalliance or affair, as there seems to be no way out of what seems like stagnation or a conundrum. Other couples stay together, unhappily, because they simply don’t know what to do or how to progress to the next phase.
Often couples leave this to fate. Don’t!
The solution is to try to complete yourself. There are a myriad of self-help books out there, but you need one that gets to the core of the issue – such as How to Find Your True Love. It features the five things we each need in life to complete us, to make us truly happy. Do you know what they are?
Another solution is to appreciate and love your partner as an individual and for them self; rather than as someone who ‘completes’ you, who fills the gaps within you, as someone who makes you feel better. Encourage and support your partner in their own journey.