Take the guesswork out of dating

Here’s a secret to dating – always try to date someone better than the best date you’ve ever had!
In other words, don’t just state for the sake of it.
While this sounds like comparative common-sense it’s also scientifically proven, with statistics showing that if you pick someone too early you risk making a decision without checking out all the available options. While if you wait too long to select a partner then the available pool will only have a few candidates to pick from.
So when’s the optimum time?
Science and statistics says it’s not age, not even number of partners but rather the amount of knowledge you have about love that’s most important! If you know more about love, including how you think about love and why you want it, then you can more quickly assess potential partners. It allows you to quickly decline those whom won’t work out to spend more time with those who might. This can help you avoid staying in relationships that are not right for you.
Knowing about love provides a competitive advantage! You are less likely to choose the ‘wrong’ person and have to try again, or remarry, when you’re older. It also enables you to realise when a good match is in front of you.
For example, if you choose someone early on without enough comparison you may one day meet someone who has those qualities that you dreamt of. And when you do, you’ll resent the partner you’re with. Whereas if you know what you’re looking for, and what you offer and how these interact, then you’re less likely to be disappointed and able to maintain a loving relationship.
There are, of course, examples that are the exception to this, such as successful arranged marriages and the like. 
A good friend says that with such knowledge, experience and intuition that you tend to ‘know’ within the first day of two of seriously dating a potential partner whether it is going to work and can use this to determine whether to give it a chance to blossom or cut your losses before it slowly withers and dies – and takes you with it.
You don’t have to stay in a bad or even average relationship because you’re afraid to look for something better. If you learn and know what that better is you have more chance of finding it. Whereas if you’re in a relationship because you’re confident, because you ‘know’ you couldn’t be happier with anyone else then.
consider how you would seek to learn a lot about, and do many inspections or tests, before you bought a house or expensive car. Why wouldn’t you do the same before choosing a life partner? If the product doesn’t meet your needs you’d move onto one that does.
PS – Also, determine what what makes you happy (besides physical things).  Figure that out before using other people to determine it for you.