How to find true love

Welcome to the new year – may it be the year you find true love!
Here, our new year gift to you, is how – in a nutshell – to find true love.
1– realize there are several, and quite different, types of love – physical, mental, spiritual and true love. True love encompasses all of these forms of love.
2 – determine what sort of love you want and why? Do you want love to feel better, to be like your friends or because you want the noblest thing in life? Your relationship to love, how you think about it, is often a reflection of your relationship to yourself.
3 – strong, true, relationships depend on strong and true self-awareness. If you don’t know and ‘love’ yourself how can you expect someone else to know you, let alone love you for who you are?! 
4 – don’t just focus on physical attraction and love! Science shows that love is a form of energy – echoing the saying the “power of love”! True love is when all your energies flow together and where someone else’s energy adds to yours to create something even stronger. This is a bit like a laser.
You’ll know when you find true love as it’s when you partner values you for who you are and encourages you to be you – loves you for you (sometimes even despite who you are)!
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