How do you know when it's true love?

From our own experience, and what others tell us, you’ll just ‘know’!
Your partner will be ‘perfect’ for you; perfect physically, perfect emotionally, perfect mentally.
Your energies will join together to create something greater than you could have ever imagined.
Your pasts won’t matter.
It won’t matter – too much – when one of you says or does something stupid. You are able to forgive.
You’ll encourage your true love to be who they really are, the best they can be. They’ll do the same to you.
It’ll be the love you’ve always dreamt of.
While it’s perfect, realize that it still takes work!
You have to communicate, to speak up, to let the other know when something hurts you – although such instances are few and far between.
Don’t settle for convenient love; a love just because it’s there and available.
If a love is only half right you only have half a chance of it lasting.
Hold out for true love – a love that is 100% right.
Tell us how you know when it’s true love – for you…